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Josh Pascua
"It has been a joy for my wife and I to serve these precious families in foster care. This experience has been both life changing and eye opening. Getting close enough to see life from a different point of view really puts things into perspective. It makes you realize that everyone has struggles, everyone has a story, and we're all doing our best with what we've got. From helping out a family tidy up their yard, so they can have room to enjoy the San Diego sun, dropping off homemade enchiladas, or just dropping a line to send encouragement and prayer, this has been an experience worth being part of."
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Charles &
Karla Ingram
"Serving families involved in foster care has taught me that we can all do something to make a difference in someone's life. Whether is a smile, a prayer, or a meal, nothing is too small in God's hands to bless others. By saying yes to these opportunities, I have been touched, blessed, and encouraged in my own journey. I am grateful for the friendships and connections I have made through R225."
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Barb Phelan
"Being a part of a Care Community has been as much as a blessing to us as it has been to the Foster Family. What a blessing to be able to help a family that is so selfless and loving. To pray for them and encourage them has been a privilege and a joy."

A Testimony from YMCA Kinship Navigator Suzanne Thompson

I would love to share with you and anyone who cares to listen, that my partnership with R225 has made a world of difference in the depth and breadth of supportive services I have been able to offer to informal Kinship families. These caregivers have limited resources, due to not receiving the financial and or / legal supports available to families with ties to Child Welfare Services (CWS).  I speak on behalf of the YMCA Youth & Family Services (YFS), Kinship Support Program when I declare that your works are truly a blessing to Kinship families, and subsequently, the staff and Navigators who work closely with the Caregivers who are dutifully, raising other’ family member’s children!

It is noteworthy to mention that when Restoration 225 adopted Kinship Families for the holidays, the demonstrated generosity and attention to customizing gifts to meet the families’ needs, provided much more than holiday cheer.  You came along at the exact right moment that these, as so many families globally, experienced isolation, fear, and despair during a pandemic no less.  It was heartwarming to witness the powerful uplifting - feelings of hope, positivity and blessings that you brought to families with few resources and much uncertainty.  

I find it particularly invigorating to learn about the Care Communities you are creating throughout San Diego County; and I am so grateful that you / they understand the needs and therefore, offer the valuable and tailored supports to our mutual Kinship families!  Equally important, is your validation of caregiver’s who have taken on responsibilities born of loyalty and love, even when they don’t have the physical or financial means to sustain the growing needs of the children for whom they love and nurture.
R225 promotes awareness of the factors unique to Kinship Families, left to shoulder undue responsibility to keep siblings and family together.  Thus, your cultivation of Care Communities fills a gap ~ supplies what the government does not provide.  This is such a critical factor for maintaining dignity and preserving permanency for children, by the people who know and care for them best.  I continue to receive verbal accounts about how meaningful the accommodations you make regarding pragmatic needs, such as purchasing a car for Ms. Cormier, or instilling a renewed sense of hope, faith and gratitude for a grandmother requiring childcare, rest, and opportunity for healing from illness.

I was so pleased to hear that you have continued your outreach to several of the families I introduced to you over a year ago and it brings me so much joy to hear from them, what your continuity has done to improve their lives.  Such as seeing Ms. Anderson’s house and hearing her gratitude for the team of workers from R225, who came and with her help, rolled up sleeves and set about to enhance safety and habitability to her home.  Ms. Anderson had tears in her eyes as she recollected the day that a care community came to her home and hauled away debris, filled in a leaking sewage line, and planted a succulent garden where once were weeds and overgrown shrubbery.  R225 will not rest, however, until the fence knocked down by a car on that dangerous curve in front of the house ~ is restored, and the children can safely play in their new yard.   Once again, Restoration 225, lives up to its name.

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