October 2021

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California Law Changes the Story for Former Foster Youth 

Governor Newsom signed several measures into law last week to expand access to housing and food services for youth exiting foster care. AB 546 requires counties to report to the dependency court if stable housing has been secured for a young person who is about to exit foster care. AB 674 requires county child welfare agencies to document that youth in foster care have been given information regarding CalFresh benefits. AB 366 strengthens the statutory protections that keep siblings together by specifying that an approved resource family shall be presumed to have the size and space to place siblings together unless there is a safety risk. A big thank you goes out to the child advocacy colleagues at Children’s Law Center of California and the Alliance for Children’s Rights who co sponsored AB 366. Laws like these transform the lives of sibling sets and former foster youth for the better. 

“Well, that didn’t go as planned.” - Every Foster Parent Everywhere

Ages & Stages Program 

Knowing how to help as your child is developing can be confusing or frustrating at times. Moving from one age to another can provide new obstacles and issues. Thankfully, HealthyChildren.org provides families with information regarding developmental milestones and support from prenatal to young adult. The Ages and Stages Program is packed with support and articles to help parents and children thrive as they move from season to season.


Companies Helping Families - Together We Rise Celebrates Socktober.

With temperatures dipping into the 40s at night, everyone can feel fall in the air. With the help of Bombas’ generous donation, Together We Rise was able to deliver 75,000 socks to youth in foster care this October. With a catchy name like Socktober, how could they go wrong? With the help and donations of volunteers, a basic need was met. 

Are you looking for a simple, yet effective way to get involved like this? Start a Restore Hope project at your church or organization and make a difference in YOUR neighborhood. Local foster care agencies and county offices are always thankful for donations of socks, clean underwear packs, hygiene kits for teens, toothbrushes and more! 

How to Start a Restore Hope Project: 

• Rally some volunteers 

• Choose your item 

• Spread the word 


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